Thursday, 31 January 2008

Knights Of The Abyss poster

Knights Of The Abyss poster
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Whoop! Another one of my favourite posters! The colouring was a bit of a gamble - the idea of having purple as the dominant colour would normally send shudders down my spine, but I genuinely like the outcome! Bit of a surprise, considering I'm usually my own worst critic.

So you know, I got the idea from a Rugrats episode when Tommy Pickles ventures into the basement, naturally dragging Chuckie along with him.


Quickie #2

Quick crappy illustration 2
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You know that illustration contest between me and my housemate? The one I said lasted three days? No?

Anyway, uh...this is the second one.

Nothing much to it really, I wouldn't bother trying to 'look into' it for any kinds of hidden subliminal messages or meanings, because there aren't any. I'm just that much of an idiot.

And how robots go about drinking tea is anyones guess...

Jon Trowbridge poster

Jon Trowbridge poster
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Poster for a band from Swindon (where I go to uni). To be honest, I have NO idea why I chose the Soviet look. No idea at all. I mean, It's not like I'm pro-communist or anything - guess I just wanted to do portraits of the band themselves and that's the first thing I thought of...

Those portraits were a bugger to do by the way.

Oh and see that building in the background? It's Swindon's famous Brunel Tower! You've heard of it, right?

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Oh Pee Em

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Hey, remember this band? They did that song about skating and heaven about seven years ago? You know, the one that went 'At least in heaven I can sk......oh never mind. Well, I did the poster for them anyway.

Many would be embarrassed by this - but it's a very proud moment of my life, and one that I will cherish forever.


Quickie #1

Quick shoddy illustration
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We've all been there, right?

This was part of a daily illustration contest-thing between my housemate Joe and myself, which lasted about three days before we got bored.

The main character in this underwent a few modifications before also becoming the main character in a graphic novel im currently writing. Tell that to all your friends, I'm sure they'll be impressed.

Fourth Colon

Fourth Colon
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Remember that fictional band I said I had to make up for a project? Well, I had to make up another one too - in this case I ventured into the world of metal, and produced a poster for a fake gig in London.

This was done at about 4am, a mere few hours before the deadline of the first portion of said project. I drank so much coffee that morning...

Two Sick Monkeys

Two Sick Monkeys
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I think these guys were a local punk band or something. Something to do with punk.

I normally put a fair bit of detail in my work, so it was nice to be able to just do something simple, colourful and cartoony...which seems to echo the Zebrahead poster a fair bit.

Bonus points for knowing where I referenced the hungover monkeys from...

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

My first Photoshop™

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Well, my first attempt at proper colouring at least.

There's not really much I can say about this...I was bored one lunchtime and decided to draw some guy. Who is dancing.

It's not perfect, but hey - baby steps...

Hung like a...

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I pretty much thought of this design as soon as I heard I was to do a poster for the headline act. Not that I condone bestiality in any way, mind you...

I distinctly remember chuckling to myself and having a childish grin on my face whilst drawing this.

Ladybirds: Silent But Deadly

Cautionary Tale Complete
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As part of yet another uni project last year, we had to produce an illustrated 'cautionary tale' of our own tale of caution was about ladybirds, and how they have little bits of evil hidden deep inside each and every one of them.

In this case their anger has been roused by kids seemingly out to just look for them, when in reality they have darker intentions. Vengeful little sods.

It's yet be proven whether this is true or not. I can only pray that I'm wrong...

Monday, 28 January 2008

Figments of the imagination

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Before you go out to HMV or look an Amazon or the suchlike - this band is entirely fictional...but at least there's a genuine reason behind this.


I had to make the CD artwork for a fake band for a uni project last year - so after asking numerous favours and arse-kissing a selection of people I knew, this little bundle of joy is the result! Well worth the lingering taste in my mouth.

The name of the album and all the pseudonyms of the members come from the often absurd titles of the junk mail in my housemate James's (a.k.a. Barney Tears) email inbox. Fact.

T-shirt design (unused)

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I got asked to do this a while back by a friend of my housemate's for his band - but this was almost a year ago and I hadn't heard back since, so I assumed it wasn't going to be used.

To be fair, I didn't really like this either at the time - but I've kinda taken a shine to it of late!

The first of many

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My first ever venture into the wide world of gig posters - it should be noted that when it says 'April 7th' it's referring to 'April 7th 2007'. Plus the headline band doesn't even exist anymore, so you may have a hard time finding tickets...

The holiday from hell

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This is kinda old, but also the result of a topic of conversation between a few uni friends and myself on films that haven't been made yet, but should be...

Bet you never thought of this eh, Romero?

Alexandra McFamous - The Book

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First off, hi everyone! This is my first post so I have no idea what I'm supposed to really say or do (my housemate helped me out). However, I CAN say - with a certain degree of confidence - that once I learn the ropes I'll be posting new stuff up on a fairly frequent basis...

For now though, you may gaze upon this picture. It started as a web conversation between me and my (Canadian) friend, about how she deserved to get a book written about or at least based on her.

She really doesn't, I was just being polite. But I did this anyway and it's turned into a potential future project...