Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Outcry Collective II

Outcry Collective poster 2
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It's been a while since I had to draw a child, so this was a challenge in itself - but the fact I had to draw riot gear, which I had never done before, AND make it proportionate to the kid made it an absolute nightmare! I'm not even sure if I got it right even now, but onto the blog it goes...

It's what the guy wanted!

Hoody design
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Skulls? Check. Heart? Check. Sideswept hair? Check. Yes, it was only a matter of time I put up something like this hoody design. But if you were to cast your eye onto the boy-wonder that is Kane, you'd understand!

Don't go on first impressions though - once you get past the fountain of black hair and jeans that should by all right be cutting off the circulation to his legs, he's a lovely guy :P

Best Friends Forever!

Best Friends Forever!
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If you knew my friend Charlotte, then one of the things you'd find out almost straight away is her unashamed infatuation with a certain brand of orange juice and hazelnut spread. That and she has an enormous seaside scene made of wrapping paper, tissue and foil. Yes indeed.

This is an apology drawing, for being terrible at keeping in contact for about a month. That's just how much of a dedicated and loving friend I am.


Optimus Kong

Fandangle gig poster
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Funnily enough, my parents had just finished watching Transformers on DVD when I came up with the idea. Don't ask me where the oh-so clever notion of replacing a certain giant ape with Optimus Prime came from though.

All I'll say is it's best thing that popped into my mind at the time, considering it was about midnight....